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Stony Plain MP Dane Lloyd meets with ABA Board of Directors

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March 27, 2019
A Word from Dane Lloyd, Member of Parliament for Sturgeon River-Parkland

I was happy to have the opportunity to join the Acheson Business Association Board of Directors for their monthly meeting on March 13, 2019. We talked about issues of importance to the Association and its members, including the announcement by the Province of Alberta of funding for the twinning of Highway 60 and a rail overpass. Other concerns we discussed included:

The Liberal Anti-Energy Agenda
Bill C-69, dubbed the “no-more-pipelines Bill” by the Conservative Opposition, will establish a new Impact Assessment Agency that will lead the review of major energy projects and work with our existing regulators. The legislation also requires all projects to be assessed not just for their environmental impacts but a wide range of issues, including health, the economy, gender and Indigenous rights. The sad truth is that this legislation will paralyze new projects in an endless tangle of red tape.

Bill C-48 will prohibit traffic of oil tankers along BC’s northern coast, effectively killing any future pipelines in that region. Both Bills are currently being reviewed by the Senate. Many members of the Senate (including some appointed by Mr. Trudeau) have expressed serious concerns with both Bills due to their impact on our economy and are recommending amendments.

Conservatives know the importance of regulatory stability for our job creators in the energy sector. A Conservative government will repeal these Liberal policies and work to restore investor confidence in Canadian energy.

SNC Lavalin Scandal
The testimony of the former Attorney General, the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, in the Justice Committee is damning to the Prime Minister and his office. We now know that there was an unsolicited, coordinated and sustained effort by the Prime Minister to get Ms. Wilson-Raybould to change her mind and overrule the independent Crown prosecutor’s decision to bring SNC-Lavalin to trial. 

Our Conservative Team under Andrew Scheer is calling for a full investigation. The Prime Minister must be held to account for his attempts to pervert the course of justice for partisan political gain.  The principle of the rule of law is at stake. As your Member of Parliament I will always fight to uphold the laws of this country, and I will continue to hold the Prime Minister to account. 

(Dane Lloyd was elected Member of Parliament for Sturgeon River Parkland on October 23, 2017. He serves on the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology and has been appointed Deputy Shadow Minister for Internal Trade and Tourism.)